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Fly Fishing Chile

Fishing the Fjords & Pumalin Park

Puerto Montt & South Destinations
Fishing the Fjords and Pumalin Park

Releasing a Pumalin Park rainbow troutGuided Connections has discovered a unique outfit that specializes in fly fishing trips to a remote area south of Puerto Montt. We can arrange for a fishing trip of several days into rivers that flow from the Andes into the sea. This area is the newly founded Pumalin Park.

A 15-meter (45’) mothership, and experienced captain will take you along the coast of Chile to rivers that are inaccessible by land. The mothership will wait in the salt water while you and an experienced guide will head off in a Zodiac to fish all day on rivers where the fish have seldom (if ever) seen a fly. Come evening, you will return toFlower in bloom in the Chilean rainforest the comfort aboard your floating home base for a hot shower and a succulent meal prepared by a professional chef.

Pumalin Park is a national park founded under a private initiative created by former Espirit founder, Doug Tompkins. It consists of 800,000 acres and the aim of the park is to conserve the ancient ecosystem of this area. The park includes breathtaking fjords, pristine lakes, stands of 3,500-year-old alerce trees, (cousins to our North American Sequoia), massive glaciers and hot springs and a wide array of native fauna.

Marine life is abundant such as sea lions, dolphins and magellanic penquins. Pumalin Park contains some of the last remaining temperate rain forest in the world. As Chile’s Nobel Prize winning poet, Pablo Neruda, once claimed “Anyone who hasn’t been to the Chilean forest doesn’t know this planet.” It is a special area.

If the trout are half as big as these leaves...The best way to visit Pumalin Park is by sea since the habitat is too dense to fish on foot. Fishing these rivers that cascade down from the forested steeps into fjords and visiting this special park from the luxury of a mothership is the way to go!! 

This trip is by charter only and can be arranged for 5 or 7 days. The average cost to the angler for a 5 day, 4 night trip is $300 daily, depending on the size of the group and 4-5 anglers is ideal. The charter is all inclusive with transport from Puerto Montt to the boat in Chaiten via a charter flight, a bilingual guide onboard, wonderful chef, all meals, fine wine, beers, and of course pisco sours. These trips can be arranged for the last week of each month from January to March. This fly fishing trip is more than just fishing, it is a great adventure into a world of natural beauty! Call for more information. 

Note: Nature trips to this area via the mothership are also available.


Puerto Montt & South Destinations
Fishing the Fjords and Pumalin Park


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