Fly Fishing Argentina

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Fly fishing for trout in Argentina has become know as a great sport for those folks seeking to escape the North American winter.  Summer in Patagonia is comfortable and much like that in the Rocky Mountains. The fishing season is from November to April and all months can be productive for fly fishing.

The rivers are generally very clear as the majority flow from enormous lakes at the base of the Andes. These lakes were originally formed by glaciers and are the headwaters of almost all the rivers in this part of Patagonia.  They provide stable flows, temperature and oxygen.  Levels of water depend on the amount of snowmelt and rain that contribute to the runoff.

The fly fishing comes into its own as summer progresses and the rivers carry less water and see more hatches.  The fish become more concentrated in the pools and deeper runs. The main item on the trout diet in Argentine streams is the freshwater crab called the pancora or in Chile, the congrejo.  This source of food is ever present and thus contributes to successful angling with good steamer imitations all season. There is an abundance of aquatic insects in many streams and with the right conditions of water and wind, dry fly fishing and nymphing techniques can prevail. So the angler can use all his fishing techniques on the wide variety of waters he may choose to fish.

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Trout were introduced at the turn of the century into the rivers and lakes of the three fishing areas of Argentine Patagonia described below. The angler can find McCloud Rainbows, German and Loch LevenBrown trout, Brook trout and Landlocked Sebago salmon.  The rainbow is predominant along with healthy browns.  These trout of Patagonia are strong and the big fish often have their stomachs full of pancora crabs. They feel as if they are full of rocks!

With the great scenery, good lodging and hospitality, a fishing trip to Patagonia becomes an unforgettable trip. The areas of preference to fish this part of Argentina are listed below. Read on to acquaint yourself with these regions, lodges and rivers.

In order to keep some of our locations exclusive we have chosen not to list all of our destinations.  If you are interested in our arranging the trip of a lifetime for you please read on and then give us a call.