What We Do


Guided Connections arranges customized trips for fly fishing and other outdoor adventures such as hiking, birding & wildlife viewing. The specialty area and primary focus is the southern region of both Chile and Argentina, known as Patagonia. Here you will find some of the best trout fishing in the world, and some of the best fishing lodges.  Also offered are great eco- naturalist trips in both countries. In addition to these destinations they provide connections in the Rocky Mountain States throughout the North American summer.

Guided Connections organize trips to some of the world’s great ecosystems. They have designed hundreds of trips for avid anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Their 40 years’ experience guiding fly fishing trips and leading wildlife adventures allow them to connect you to the best guides and outfitters. Aptly named, they have the best connections to advise & lead you on planning your travels. This is a "hands on operation" owing to their practical experience. The destinations they represent are their favorite places.  The trips they plan are tailored to one’s specific interests. When you book a trip with Guided Connections you do not pay any extra fees than when you book directly with a lodge or outfitter.


Guided Connections concentrates on working with eco- friendly operations that provide services that do not impact the natural world.  Many of our targeted locations are in protected areas hence allowing you to experience nature at its best. Along the way to your adventure you may enjoy city time by exploring cultural sites with the added possibilities of partaking in all city amenities especially in Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Guided Connection’s outlook on planning trips for fishing and wildlife viewing correspond with the ideas of the noted George B. Schaller, biologist, conservationist and prolific author as quoted by him in his book:

 A Naturalist and Other Beasts: Tales from a Life in the Field

 “I learned long ago that conservation has no permanent victories, that one must retain connections and remain involved with animals and places that have captured the heart--“

Guided Connections can easily arrange any fly fishing trips or outdoor adventure you have in mind for these amazing regions and also give you a few new ideas you may not have considered! In order to keep some of our locations exclusive we have chosen not to list all of our destinations.  If you are interested in our arranging the trip of a lifetime give us a call or send an e mail with your interests.