Puerto Montt

The city of Puerto Montt is the gateway to the southern part of Patagonia and the stepping off point to the Chilean Lake District and the ‘Emerald Island’ of Chiloe. It is a seaport for commerce and fishing boats. It is both busy and colorful and the restaurants have great seafood! From here one can set off in all directions for a variety of activities.

To the east and north is the scenic Lake District. Along the spine of the cordillera are snowcapped volcanoes that form the border with Argentina, the Volcano Osorno being the most predominant. There are numerous lakes dotted with destination resorts and it is a favorite international vacation area due to its postcard beauty.

German immigrants settled the Lake District in the late 1800’s and the towns reflect their influence in the architecture of their buildings. Towns are tidy, have good restaurants and the gardens are full of roses. To get into the backcountry is only a hop and daily trips for hiking, fly fishing (see Petrohue River and surrounding waters) and birding are easy to undertake with a return to comfortable accommodations come evening. There are lovely lodges and good services for any outdoor activity that one might desire!

Chilean and his horse, notice the saddleTo the west and south of Puerto Montt is the island of Chiloe. It is like another world from Chile as it is physically separated from it by the Gulf of Corcovado. The culture on Chiloe developed for over 400 years isolated from the influence of the mainland. It is fascinating and allows the visitor to step back in time to a simpler way of life.

The Humbolt Current, rich in marine life, flows along its western coast. The island is abundant in bird life and has its own unique ecosystem. Day trips can be arranged on the island for hiking and exploring and the birding is worth the visit!

South of Puerto Montt are the impenetrable forests of Patagonia. Here, unlike the rest of Chile, the Andes fall directly to the sea. It is a wild land full of great trout streams.Lago Epsolon The only road is that of the Carretera Austral (and even that is limited in length), but charter flights and boats allow the visitor access to this zone of beauty.

As one moves towards the east and the border of Argentina the great river system of the Futaleufu is found which has a multitude of fishing possibilities. The troutfishing is good in these parts and we represent several great outfits. Contact Guided Connections and let us use our hard earned knowledge and experience to help arrange your next fly fishing adventure to the incredible, unspoiled country of Chile.

In order to keep some of our locations exclusive we have chosen not to list all of our destinations.  If you are interested in our arranging the trip of a lifetime for you please read on and then give us a call.